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Last week we gave a guest lecture about Cloud, DevOps, SECaaS and Iac to a bunch of fresh graduate students over at PXL. During the lecture we covered some specific aspects of what we deal with on a day-to-day basis.

Here at nFuse we find great value in inspiring new students when it comes to IT. They are, in the end, the future of tomorrow.


We touched base on the basics of the cloud and its core features. To many people cloud remains an abstract thing, even today, most people think about some magical place when you speak about the cloud. When in essence, it’s just a huge warehouse of powerful hardware that can be “rented” by anyone, at any time, at any place on any scale.

Next we talked about what nFuse does on a daily basis, such as DevOps and SECaaS and what those terms actually consist of.

Near the end of the lecture we discussed a few real-life scenarios that we have encountered with nFuse in order to give the students an idea on how we manage our customer’s applications and how we are able to solve operational issues in a minimal timeframe.