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We Promise Continuous Evolvement

nFuse provides information security related to

  • 24/7 Managed Services;
  • Operational Monitoring (also of (custom) build applications);
  • Hosting.

nFuse provides, among others, to the Xplore Group, the group to which nFuse belongs and which builds applications, with technical support, architectural insights and case-specific solutions for complex workflows. Furthermore, nFuse delivers 24/7 support on e–commerce environments and applications built by Xplore Group. This includes runtime operations, security and technical support.

We handle the management of cloud-based solutions in fine detail, as well as more traditional, on-premise solutions. nFuse maintains premium partnerships with most major vendors.

Proactivity is a key feature of our service!

We Breathe Continuous Evolvement


Our Services in Short


ISO27001 Certified

We take security seriously. Yours, and ours. nFuse is ISO270001-2017 certified.


Experienced Technical Consultants

Our technical consultants are certified, and experienced in supporting multi-cloud applications.


24/7 On Call

Your application does not take time off, nor do we! nFuse offers 24/7 SLAs. We are on call for you, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. 


Security Operations Center

We work in a fully certified and secured Security Operations Centre… Want to come and have a look? Book a visit, and get the tour.



Whether you call it DevOps or DevSecOps, our ideal goal is always to include security as an integral part of the entire application life cycle.



nFuse provides custom advice on possible options, sets up a robust Cloud solution for your specific needs or helps you to migrate existing infrastructure to a Cloud solution.

Our Six Core Principles

– Unlock Continuous Evolvement –

The increase in technical complexity, combined with running the actual business, became unmanageable for our customers.

Your marketing and sales team wants to concentrate on doing business and need not worry about the system’s technical operations, right?

In come nFuse…

Unburden customers

Our customers should never have to worry about technical issues in operations. nFuse takes care of system availability, performance, integrations with other systems, batch jobs and security. Our customers can concentrate on running their business. We make their business, our business.


Customers don’t need to alert us when something is wrong. We aim to be ahead of problems: we monitor all aspects in scope and proactively alert the engineers when needed. They investigate issues at hand and solved them by any means available to us, 24 hours a day, 7 days per week.



We provide full transparency on the monitoring systems and all current and past issues both live at any given moment and in transparent, concise monthly reporting. On top of that, we foresee a clear and understandable dashboard with business driven KPI’s.


Clear & Honest SLAs

We define clear, business-readable Service Level Agreements. All metrics are based on the business impact and urgency of the issue type, which improves communication and speed of decision making. We can be available 24/7 when needed.


Continuous Improvement

Your systems evolve, and our service grows and evolves together with them. Our teams continuously learn and improve the system. The same type of issue should not occur multiple times without taking measures to eliminate it.


Partnership model

We work in a partnership model with a fixed monthly cost, including all incident management. This model motivates our teams to avoid incidents as much as possible, ensuring a smooth-running system.

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