Whether you call it DevOps or DevSecOps, it has always been our ideal goal to include security as an integral part of the entire application life cycle. DevSecOps is about built-in security, not (only) security that functions as a perimeter around apps and data.

If security remains at the end of the development pipeline, organisations adopting DevOps can find themselves back to the long development cycles they were trying to avoid in the first place.

nFuse, with their experienced DevSecOps team, can assist development teams in integrating security throughout DTAP.

Welcome to Our Kind of Extension
of Your Team

nFuse provides DevSecOps for your web application or e-commerce environment, from build to run.

Detailed, yet understandable reports containing our findings, analysis and possible solutions are handed over after each audit.

Automation+nFuse = BFF!
There are very few things that we cannot achieve by scripting them in a proper way. Automation is key to smoothly running environments.
We deliver Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery and Continuous Improvements.
In short, nFuse is Continuous Evolvement

prevent data loss

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We provide proper backup and disaster recovery plans, tested on a regular basis.


prevent regulatory violations

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Our focus lies in GDPR and your privacy. nFuse is ISO27001 certified.


take action

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Our Managed Services Team investigates issues.
Our Dev(Sec)Ops team provides solutions.

How It Works

Infrastructure As Code (IAC) is the foundation of good DevOps.

Better Automation
Provides Stable Environments


OWASP foundation

We can scan your code/environment on a regular basis using the OWASP standards. Reassuring feeling, right?


certified devops

Our certified DevOps consultants work closely with development teams, in-house or customer teams.


understandable reports

Security reports are often a pain to understand. So, we make them clear, easy to read and understandable for you.

“Our team is proficient in using Terraform, Cloudformation, Python, Ansible and Bash. We make sure IaC is consistent throughout the lifecycle of your environment.”


Managing Partner & CTO

“Thanks to our ISO certification, we have standard security measures in place”

nFuse makes sure to (re)certify.


CISO nFuse