24/7 Managed Services

Meet our Application Managed Services. Better to prevent, than to cure. Proactive monitoring means being able to prevent a lot of problems and thus saving a lot of costs.

No need for adding extra IT staff with a set of specific skills yourself. Our nFuse Managed Services expert team takes the work off your hands and forms an extension of your existing team.

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Why Choose Us

Intelligent and automated monitoring

You can focus

Your own IT staff can continue to focus on their core business.


Enjoy a reliable infrastructure with maximum availability.


We take care of your business as if it were our own.

What do we offer

Experience peace of mind with nFuse. Our dedicated team ensures the well-being of your environment and applications 24/7 through state-of-the-art monitoring, proactive incident management, monthly SLM meetings, and continuous improvement—all bundled at a fixed monthly price.

state-of-the-art monitoring tools

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Application Performance Monitoring on classic servers/instances, in the Cloud or serverless? Want to monitor a PAAS or SAAS environment?

nFuse always uses state-of-the-art monitoring tools. When no out-of-the-box solution is available, we create monitorable solutions by closely working with development teams.

Preventive maintenance

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Daily recurring tasks? Cleaning up log files? Automated cronjob checks on your systems? nFuse helps out with these preventive jobs.
Even if automation is impossible, our skilled technical consultant team takes care of this in your stead every day.


Proactive incident management

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We really do not like incidents, nor do we like tickets. With our intelligent alerting and monitoring tools, we can often predict when systems start failing, or when code does not do what it is supposed to.
We define clear and honest business SLAs with you.
We proactively detect imports, exports or cronjobs that fail to execute properly, and we manage them for you, so you don’t have to worry about anything at all.

monthly service meetings

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Our Service Level Managers live and breathe custom-build Java applications or e-commerce systems. Every month, a service level manager presents you with a clear report and explains all details of your systems. Together we improve your environment, based on past performance.

continuous improvement

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A one-off failure can happen everywhere, but twice? We manage your systems’ reliability and availability with our continuous improvements- and workarounds strategy. We advise you and your development teams to improve your environment based on detailed stack tracing and (root) cause analysis.

fixed monthly price

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Our fixed monthly fee includes all incidents, our service level management, our monitoring tools and our preventive maintenance service. We even take care of your initiation of problem management.

No need for around the clock services?

nFuse offers 24/7 managed services, but we do understand that not every business has the need for this around-the-clock coverage. We offer different tailormade solutions as well.

    Integral Part of Your Business

    In addition to e-commerce websites, applications are an integral part of how we communicate and work. Application Managed Services (AMS, application support) was therefore an obvious next step for us. We offer a complete range of support for our customers.

    Clear & Transparent SLAs

    For AMS too, our customers can count on our transparent way of working and monitoring via the live dashboard. The SLA is clearly defined, based on data with business impact and divided according to type and urgency.

    Proactivity is Key

    With our Managed Services, we strive to guarantee that the health of the systems is maintained by proactively monitoring peak times and providing support.