About US

Like every business, we have a unique history. nFuse’s inception was driven by a distinct demand that we identified in the market. Recognizing a shift in expectations regarding managed services, we decided to adapt and redefine managed services in our own way. This evolution is rooted in our commitment to staying responsive to the changing landscape of business needs.

Mission Statement

nFuse stands for completely and proactively unburdening customers in the daily management and hosting of all their IT applications. We are specifically committed to continuously improving the customer environment in all transparency, all at a fixed price per month.

We follow our six core values.

Our Six Core Values

unburden customers

Our customers should never have to worry about technical issues in operations. nFuse takes care of system availability, performance, integrations with other systems, batch jobs and security. Our customers can concentrate on running their business. We make their business, our business.


Customers don’t need to alert us when something is wrong. We aim to be ahead of problems: we monitor all aspects in scope and proactively alert the engineers when needed. They investigate issues at hand and solved them by any means available to us, 24 hours a day, 7 days per week.


We provide full transparency on the monitoring systems and all current and past issues both live at any given moment and in transparent, concise monthly reporting. On top of that, we foresee a clear and understandable dashboard with business driven KPI’s.

Clear & Honest sla's

We define clear, business-readable Service Level Agreements. All metrics are based on the business impact and urgency of the issue type, which improves communication and speed of decision making. We can be available 24/7 when needed.

Continuous improvement

Your systems evolve, and our service grows and evolves together with them. Our teams continuously learn and improve the system. The same type of issue should not occur multiple times without taking measures to eliminate it.

Partnership model

We work in a partnership model with a fixed monthly cost, including all incident management. This model motivates our teams to avoid incidents as much as possible, ensuring a smooth-running system.

Our Story


Based in Belgium, (nFuse) took its initial strides in 2015 when a group of individuals convened to discuss the evolving needs of e-commerce customers. They observed a shift in customer demand from reactive to proactive support.

After numerous hours of collaboration, this dedicated team formulated a solution to meet the changing requirements of the market.


Over the past four years, the e-commerce industry has experienced consistent growth, leading to continuous evolution in services. As e-commerce became a permanent fixture, so did our commitment to providing essential services. However, the demand for a similar approach from customers seeking custom-built applications prompted us to expand our services.

This expansion marked the inception of nFuse. In 2019, nFuse officially emerged as a company, maintaining its base in Hasselt on the Corda Campus. Alongside existing services, nFuse embraced additional responsibilities in managed services, hosting, and devops tasks.



nFuse is celebrating its 5th anniversary, a milestone that fills us with gratitude for the trust bestowed upon us by our customers. Our aim has always been to reach new heights, and we are currently expanding into the realms of security, SAAS, PAAS, serverless, and containerized technology.

As we reflect on the past five years, we are immensely proud of our dedicated team and deeply thankful for our loyal customers. Anticipating the future with enthusiasm, we’re excited about what the next five years may hold.