A Productive and Engaging Trip to Valencia

May 25, 2024 | blog

Cybersec Training Days

Our recent visit to Valencia proved to be another excellent experience, thanks to the warm reception from our Spanish colleagues. The trip, led by Rutger, was a mix of productive work, insightful training sessions, and engaging interactions with new and seasoned team members.

Day 1: Welcoming Atmosphere and Interactive Training

Our day began with regular work tasks in the morning, followed by a well-organized lunch with all colleagues, setting a positive tone for the rest of the day. We filled up the afternoon with an intensive training program.

The first session focused on GDPR and Privacy training for new employees. This training was notably interactive and enjoyable, making the often dry topic engaging for all participants. Later in the afternoon, we conducted the first session on NIS2 for a group of competence centres, followed by a second NIS2 session for another group.


“Seeing the enthusiasm of the participants was truly inspiring. Their eagerness to engage with complex topics and ask insightful questions made our sessions not only productive but also enjoyable. It’s clear that our collaborative efforts are fostering a strong, knowledgeable community.” – Rutger Saelmans

Day 2: Focused Sessions and Enthusiastic Feedback

Thursday was packed with two comprehensive sessions, each lasting two hours. The first session covered SSDLC, which was immediately followed by a segment on scam and phishing prevention. Despite the tight schedule, we enjoyed a delicious lunch before diving into the afternoon session, which mirrored the morning’s topics.

The feedback from participants was overwhelmingly positive. Many remarked that typically dull subjects were presented as fun and interactive, enhancing engagement and retention

Evening Engagement and Future Opportunities

After the day’s sessions, we returned to the hotel, where Victoria was ready with a taxi at 18:15 to take us to the UPV (University of Valencia). There, Rutger delivered a lecture to master students in Cyber Intelligence and Cyber Security on scam and phishing detection. The diverse group asked excellent questions for a dynamic and enriching discussion.

Both the Xplore Group and Rutger personally received enthusiastic invitations to return next semester, highlighting the impact of our sessions.

Gratitude and Acknowledgements

We thank the participating competence centers: Phpro, Refleqt, II.O, Forward, XploreWood, Elision, Induxx, and XPG Spain. Despite the tight schedule, the trip was enjoyable and insightful, thanks to the dedication and attention of everyone involved. Thanks to XPG Spain, XPG, nFuse, and the UPV for the resounding success of this visit.

This trip to Valencia was not just about work but building relationships, sharing knowledge, and growing together as a team. We look forward to our next visit and the continued collaboration with our Spanish colleagues and the University!

nFuzer Valencia May 2024