AWS Managed Services

nFuse strongly believes in the Cloud. We do realise not every business is ready to take that flight. Are your ready for AWS Managed Services?

We can partner with you to undertake your journey to the Cloud together. Step-by-step, side by side. We are your AWS Managed Services provider.

Our AWS Managed Services

Preventing Downtime with Intelligent Monitoring

nFuse is the synonym of Monitoring. It’s in our DNA. Whether it is Application monitoring, infrastructure monitoring or Operating Systems monitoring, we have got you covered. If required, we can organise 24/7- availability for you.

Our Security Operations Center (SOC) is based in Hasselt, Belgium. You talk and communicate directly to our Cloud Engineers, whom are familiar with your AWS-environment.

Handling of Patching

nFuse takes care of your patching. Fully automated, immutable or per environment. We will adapt to your preferred patch cycles.

nFuse covers the DTAP in your stead.

Back-ups and Disaster Recovery

Often, e-commerce applications are still traditional monoliths, backing up the virtual servers and applications. 

nFuse offers you correct retention schemes and back-ups across regions or accounts.

Not only are the back-ups essential, but getting the data back online is also imperative.

nFuse takes care of this for you.

Partner Care

Primary Care

nFuse operates as a Single Point Of Contact (SPOC) between you and all parties, even 3rd Parties. No hassle for you: we unburden the communication flows and make sure we respond on your behalf, for your AWS Managed Services.

Environments Health

We take care of your Cloud environment, and if required, of your application landscape as well. Proactively monitoring your business, we take care of you to prevent issues.

Scalability is Often Key

Especially when your environment or applications are stateless, serverless, or you have microservices, the need for elastic up,- and downscaling is important.

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