AWS Partner Public Sector Symposium

Mar 31, 2023 | blog

Earlier this week, nFuse attended the AWS Public Sector Symposium in Brussels. A lot of AWS speakers presented exciting keynotes. In addition, we gained insights into the strategic partner plans for the following years with AWS. We are certainly thrilled to be part of this exciting future.

One of the most engaging topics for us, especially concerning GDPR and other legal considerations, was Data Sovereignty and how AWS protects data from unauthorized access. This is crucial for safely storing your data in the Cloud, ensuring that only you and your company can access it. Another new feature from AWS was the KMS XKS. With this feature, you can store your credentials outside AWS, which is something extraordinary from our point of view!AWS Partner Public Sector Symposium 2

Migrating data to the Cloud is a growing trend that will eventually affect every business, big and small. This is because co-working and file sharing have become increasingly necessary; employees working remotely from different locations need access to data from anywhere. By migrating to a secure Cloud environment, you can efficiently and cost-effectively manage your data without the need to maintain a physical data centre.

In addition to the benefits of data security and cost savings, sustainability is a crucial pillar of AWS plans. With the urgent need to address global warming and climate change, it’s encouraging to see AWS prioritising sustainability as part of its mission.

AWS Partner Public Sector Symposium 3

Besides… we were close to one of our most famous Belgian monuments, the Atomium.