Insights from the AWS Public Sector Symposium

Mar 21, 2024 | blog


The AWS Public Sector Symposium took place last week on March 12th in the Heysel, providing an inspiring insight into the future of technology. Dorien, Joris, and Rutger from nFuse were on the ground, eager to learn about data sovereignty, AI’s rising role, and the ever-changing cybersecurity scenario.

Data Sovereingty in the Cloud Era

The symposium’s opening keynote addressed the ongoing issue of data sovereignty in the cloud era. Knowing the intricate tapestry of data residency and sovereignty regulations as cloud services expand becomes increasingly essential. This is especially important for companies like nFuse, which are dedicated to relieving customers of the complexities of technological operations and guaranteeing compliance in the volatile world of cloud data.


The AWS Public Sector Symposium was a convergence of vision and innovation,  guiding nFuse through tomorrow’s IT challenges.

– Dorien, PM at nFuse

AI in IT and Breakout Session 1

AWS stated that AI has become increasingly vital in the corporate world. An eye-opening AWS report predicted that by 2028, 86% of businesses would have integrated AI into their operations. This figure reflects nFuse’s proactive approach to employing AI to improve system performance and security. This also demonstrates our commitment to staying ahead of technical breakthroughs.

The symposium’s first breakout session focused on digital sovereignty and its challenges. Delivering transparent and dependable cloud solutions while managing the complexity of data sovereignty regulations is critical for retaining confidence and integrity, especially in the public sector.

Zero Trust

Another fascinating session explores further into Zero Trust security. Implementing a zero-trust model is becoming more vital nowadays. We especially see this because of the changing nature of workspaces and rising legal needs. This viewpoint perfectly aligns with nFuse’s focus on comprehensive and precise access control. It highlights our ongoing commitment to cybersecurity.


Concluding the Day

The symposium was more than just sessions and keynotes; it also served as a vibrant networking hub. Industry leaders discussed ideas and made contacts, a key component of nFuse’s collaboration strategy. Such interactions are crucial to our culture of constant development and innovation.
The AWS Public Sector Symposium provided a visionary roadmap for the public sector’s digital future. At nFuse, we are keen to incorporate these insights into our services. We can thus ensure that we continue to provide our clients with high-quality, secure, and efficient IT solutions that are personalised to their specific requirements.


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