Being an Account Manager at nFuse

Nov 8, 2023 | blog

The Experiences of Joris

Our Account Manager, Joris, has worked for nFuse for over a year—time for him to write a blog about his work.

An account manager is the link between the customer and the company. They address the customers’ concerns and needs as quickly and effectively as possible to develop and maintain strong relationships. This is no different at nFuse: Joris visits nFuse’s customers as often as possible or when needed.

Customer Visits

“In general, I visit each customer at least once a year,” Joris says. “But if a customer requests a meeting to discuss an issue or to talk about our service, I’ll always be glad to pay them extra visits.
For existing customers, you might think that maintaining a relationship is easy. Yet it’s not always the fact. For example, I recently had a customer complain about our service. Their comments came in quite hard and left me a little bit shocked. But we had good and constructive discussions afterwards. nFuse as a company (and me as an Account Manager) have learned some valuable lessons from this encounter. I’m glad this happened: if everything goes fine all the time, it’s easy to grow lazy.
In every meeting, you must be as understanding as possible, think with your customer and develop a solution that fits their problem best. It’s not always easy, and I need to be creative sometimes. Patience is a virtue, and it is also a correct saying for my job.

Yearly Evaluations

In general, a meeting with an existing customer exists of an evaluation of the past year and a strategy discussion for the following year. Then, we review the improvement points we suggest making their application(s) more accessible. This is important for us at nFuse; continuous improvement is one of the pillars of our work. The continuous improvement cycle is also taken up monthly by my colleagues- service level managers. In the yearly review, this cycle could lead to cost optimizations for our customers. nFuse will service the customer to unburden them to a maximum level. So, at the end of the meeting, we also propose extra services. For example, if we have seen many errors throughout the year or an application has been extended.” Joris continues.

“Having a customer confirm that they are happy with our services is so rewarding”

Joris Moermans

“For a new customer, we need to propose our services first. Most of the time, our services come as a subset of a service one of our sister companies at the Xplore Group.
We start by introducing ourselves and nFuse. Then, we double-check with the customer if we correctly understood their needs. For this, we need to combine the input of the customers and the development team – I must prepare myself thoroughly in advance!
After this meeting, we work to create a specific proposal for the customer. I will involve the whole team, from managing partners to service level managers, to come to the correct offering and pricing. When the proposal is at the customer, the most challenging part is often the legal part. For that, I can luckily rely on my colleagues from Legal. 

Yay, a New Contract!

Once all the hoops have been jumped through, the team can start deploying our service, and I have a new customer in my portfolio to follow up and keep happy. A complete cycle from first meeting a customer to starting up a new service generally takes about six months. Of course, there are cycles where it takes much longer, but also exceptions where the contract might even already be signed even before we have made a complete proposal because of the enthusiasm of our customers for our services.”

Yes, I Love My Job

“What I love most about my job is when customers extend their contract with us. Signing a new contract is also satisfying, but having a customer confirm that they are happy with our services is so much more rewarding,” Joris concludes.