Insights from the Cronos Tech Symphony Event: Strengthening Cyber Resilience

Apr 17, 2024 | blog


In the ever-changing landscape of cybersecurity, staying ahead of threats is essential. nFuse recently partnered with Cronos NL, Cronos Security NL, Cloudflare, and other leading cybersecurity professionals. The first Cronos Tech Symphony Event took place in Utrecht. The programme focused on improving cyber resilience, an essential problem for businesses across all industries.

The Power of Partnership

The venue, the Creative Valley, highlighted the power of collective knowledge. Leaders and professionals in the field of cybersecurity, including CISOs, Information Security Officers, and IT managers from major Dutch businesses and government, gathered to share information and methods for increasing cyber resilience.

nFuse Presentation Insights

Our very own Rutger Saelmans led a critical conversation on brand protection in the digital arena with his presentation, “Rising Above the Clones: Safeguarding Your Brand in The Age of Copycat and Scam Sites.” His discussion emphasised the growing necessity for organisations to implement proactive defence methods. These methods serve to tackle the growing threat of fraudulent internet activities. Rutger demonstrated how cybercriminals leverage brand reputations. He urged organisations to develop extensive monitoring and reaction procedures. He emphasised the need to stay ahead of these challenges by constantly learning and implementing cutting-edge technology. His approach exemplified nFuse’s proactive and customer-centric initiatives. This demonstrates our dedication to not only responding to events but also preventing them before they occur.

Expert Discussions

Vincent Meijer of Cronos Security spoke about the governance aspects of security from an NOC standpoint. Teun Westbroek of SALT Cyber Security investigated the importance of security in AI. Given nFuse’s current collaboration with, Teun’s talk was captivating. He offered an overview of AI progress. He emphasised the significance of remaining vigilant against potential vulnerabilities, citing the LLM OWASP top-10 as a valuable reference.
The symposium was highly interactive. Attendees participated actively, sharing their issues, and learning new ideas. Cloudflare’s presenters emphasised the value of small, focused groups for in-depth conversations. They praised the symposium’s collaborative efforts to prepare and safeguard organisations from cyber risks, such as zero-day attacks.

This partnership exemplifies how combining expertise and resources can significantly amplify our ability to address and mitigate cyber threats effectively. Together, we are setting new standards in safeguarding digital ecosystems.
— Rutger Saelmans, Managing Partner, nFuse

Beyond the Event, Looking Forward

The programme concluded with a networking session, where guests could share ideas and strengthen their contacts in an informal setting. This portion of the day allowed for more in-depth conversations and stronger professional ties among cybersecurity specialists.
At nFuse, we are motivated by a desire to relieve our customers’ technical difficulties and assure their operational continuity. Participation in events such as the Cronos Tech Symphony is critical to our aim of continuous improvement and cybersecurity readiness.


The Cronos Tech Symphony Event proved to be an invaluable chance to develop collaboration and proactive engagement in solving cyber issues. At nFuse, we are delighted to participate in such projects and look forward to stimulating further conversations and developments in this critical area.

Follow our blog for more cybersecurity thoughts and updates, and join us at upcoming events such as Cloudflare Immerse in May. Together, we can strengthen our defences and ensure a safer digital future for everyone.

Rutger at CSNL