First Edition of CyberSecurity Cafe Limburg: a Resounding Success

Mar 27, 2024 | blog

Inaugural edition

The Cybersecurity Café Limburg debut event was held in the stunning PXL tower. It was an event of significance in the field of digital security. On the 12th floor, with a spectacular view of the surroundings, cybersecurity enthusiasts and experts came together for an inspiring gathering.

Interesting Talks and Exchanges

Rutger, representing nFuse, shares his perspective on this historic event. The evening was filled with fascinating speeches from David Callebaut and Ward Vermeulen, who discussed CISO views and the complex realm of offensive security. These sessions were not only instructive but also prompted interesting exchanges among attendees.

The event’s informal reception provided the ideal setting for an exchange of ideas and experiences. Participants appreciated the luxury of high-quality food and beverages. This added to the engaging knowledge-sharing environment. The event structure made networking easier, allowing experts to meet and exchange knowledge on cybersecurity topics.

A significant highlight was reestablishing contact with ISACA. They are not only a key actor in cybersecurity but have also declared their sponsorship of the upcoming edition of the CCL. This collaboration demonstrates the Cybersecurity Café Limburg’s rising importance and reach.

Furthermore, the attendance of Maarten Sourbron, Tristan Franssen, and Ward Vermeulen added to the richness of the conversations. Everyone brought their viewpoints and expertise to the table.


The Cybersecurity Café Limburg exemplifies nFuse’s vision: to build a community in which proactive collaboration improves the landscape of digital security
– Rutger Saelmans, Managing Partner of nFuse

Thinking Further Ahead

Given the event’s success, Rutger requested that the next edition be hosted at Xplore Group, the Cronos Cluster to which nFuse belongs. This initiative perfectly coincides with nFuse’s objective of developing a proactive and educated cybersecurity community. It proves that nFuse also relieves clients’ burdens by staying ahead of digital security risks.

In conclusion, the first edition of the Cybersecurity Café Limburg demonstrated cybersecurity’s growing importance and developing nature. It provided a unique forum for information sharing, networking, and collaboration, laying the groundwork for future events that will empower and educate the digital security community.

Ward Vermeulen