End of Year Fireworks…

Dec 31, 2020 | blog

On the last day of this bizarre year, we have this quite exciting news to announce: nFuse has achieved the DataDog Gold Tier Partnership.

2 tracks

As only the second IT service provider in the EMEA-region, nFuse has managed to reach the Gold Tier status for two tracks at DataDag: the Managed Services provider track, and the Consultant / Systems Integrator (SI) Track.

Gold Tier 

Gold tier represents a greater commitment to Datadog. It requires, among other things, more specialised training (typically two Datadog-trained sales representatives and two tech specialists) and two reference customers.

Managed Services provider track

The MSP Track is intended for businesses that primarily serve to manage end-customer environments directly. MSPs incorporate Datadog into their service offering. Unlike resellers, MSPs typically perform administrative functions in the platform on behalf of their customers, meaning the MSPs hold the subscription and must sign Datadog’s MSA.

Consultant / Systems Integrator (SI) Track

The Consultant / SI Track is intended for businesses that primarily provide expert assessment, advisory, and hands-on expertise to end customers. Often they will have one or more professional services practice areas supporting Datadog and/or related technologies, platforms, and products (such as DevOps or Cloud Migration services).


nFuse is extremely proud to be able to announce this accomplishment on the last day of 2020. We are convinced that this partnership with DataDog will assist us in serving our customers even better than before. For 2021, nFuse has a lot of projects ready for our customers!

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