Rasmus’ Journey: From Glassblowing to IT Mastery at nFuse

Mar 1, 2024 | blog


We are pleased to tell the story of Rasmus, our intern with a remarkable background, in today’s blog. Rasmus’s career, which began as a glassblower and culminated as an IT fanatic, perfectly represents the variety and dynamic talent that nFuse draws. Let’s review his goals, experiences, and objectives during his stay here.

Background and Inspiration: The Artistic and Technical Fusion of Rasmus

Rasmus has taken a distinct and inspirational route. His early work as a glassblower ignited a deep interest in IT, particularly the automation of infrastructure and security. His vision for IT customer service aligned well with our DevSecOps processes, which made him decide to join nFuse. Building simplified, safe, and adequate infrastructure systems is Rasmus’s passion.

First impressions: a spirit of teamwork and high standards

Rasmus became fascinated with nFuse’s dynamic work atmosphere and highly skilled team members as soon as he joined. He noticed the high standards and open lines of communication as favourable aspects. Rasmus mentioned that nFuse’s exceptional teamwork leaves a lasting impression on him.

“Embracing the challenge of transforming secure and efficient infrastructure systems at nFuse, I’ve found a unique opportunity to blend my artistic background with my passion for IT innovation.” – Rasmus, nFuse Intern

Everyday Intern Life: Rasmus's Challenges and Wins

At nFuse, Rasmus works on various daily projects, from conception to execution. He thinks a lot about the optimal infrastructure configuration, which balances security, efficiency, and sustainability. One of Rasmus’s main objectives is to develop a flexible and dynamic product.

Learning and Development: Skills for the Future

During his internship, Rasmus is concentrating on refining his hard and soft talents. He is getting ready for the demanding and dynamic position of an operations engineer by learning time management, decision-making techniques, and Infrastructure as Code. Rasmus’s abilities at nFuse are helping him to become a more comprehensive IT specialist.

Following the Core Values of nFuse

Rasmus has a special appreciation for our guiding principles of continuous improvement, transparency, and relieving customers of their burdens. He thinks that providing excellent customer service in IT and keeping open lines of communication regarding service enhancements are essential. Rasmus integrates these principles into his work at nFuse.


Rasmus’s journey from glassblowing to IT is more than just an enhancement in capabilities—it’s a tale of growth, adaptation, and passion. His time at nFuse demonstrates how we uphold our basic beliefs by encouraging and developing diverse talent. We can’t wait to follow Rasmus on his adventure!

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