Futurestack 2022 by Glenn

Nov 21, 2022 | blog

Connect, learn, get inspired.

FutureStack is coming to a city near you.

Rutger: “And you can go to the event“.

Me: “Oh nice! Is the event in Brussels?

Rutger: “No, it is in Berlin!

My enthusiasm was unmeasurable – it would be my first work trip, not even when I had to leave for the airport in the middle of the night. After a sleep-full flight and a fast taxi drive, I arrived at my hotel.

I had a quick bite and connected to the hotel wifi (and our VPN, of course! Safety before all!), I finished my tasks for the day. I got a (delicious) burger and a good night’s rest in the evening.

The following day, I had the chance to dust off my German and talk with the taxi driver on my way to the event. Once I arrived at the event, I got my nameplate and entered the green venue. There were several booths with coffee, tea and incredibly delicious sandwiches for breakfast.

I immediately noticed that in my enthusiasm, I had arrived half an hour earlier than the invitation stated. So I grabbed some tea and a croissant and checked out the day’s scheduling.

The welcoming presentation started when the event hall began to fill with people from different businesses and countries.

The morning mainly consisted of presentations on interesting new NR technologies. Then, Slido gave a demo on how they integrated NR into their product and a few live interviews with a few companies that have been using NR for a long time. These presentations and interviews sparked and inspired new idea’s how to use NR in our environment.

After lunch, I went to socialize with other companies and with employees of New Relic. Here is where I met Sunna Vincent from New Relic and talked about how we utilize New Relic in our company. We have excellent experiences with New Relic at nFuse, but we are also experiencing some minor problems with the tool. Sunna gave me some advice on addressing these and implementing the solution. Thanks, Sunna!

Next on the schedule was a presentation and demo on how to make ‘Observability as code’ possible. We are doing this already, so it’s an educational experience to see how others do it through a different approach.

Of course, the developers at New Relic don’t stand still either and are working on new features every day. We have had the privilege of getting a deeper look at what is on the roadmap and which feature is expected by when.

The afternoon consisted of a hands-on workshop integrating Fluentbit, Opentelemetry and Kubernetes. And finally, a workshop on monitoring Kubernetes with New Relic. Unfortunately, the demo gods were not cooperating, and it took us a while before we could participate.

On that note, the presentations and workshop were finished, and HAPPY HOUR was starting—the perfect time to socialize again and get more inspiration on how to use New Relic.

After a tasty greek meal, I went to bed early for my flight back to Belgium with my alarm set for 3 am.

Overall, it was a great first experience as a work trip and a very educational moment for both me and nFuse to utilise New Relic more efficiently.