Information Security Sessions

Jun 20, 2022 | blog

Information Security is a topic that needs regular attention. However, it is a thin line between just enough, not sufficient, or an overwhelming number of sessions. nFuse strongly focuses on security as a whole. We train ourselves on (almost) a daily basis. But, we also give awareness sessions to the Xplore Group competence centres. We usually plan this every year to update the employees of these Competence Centres with the latest information about GDPR & Privacy: significant incidents worldwide, secure coding and coding standards, and general awareness to all our people. We make no distinction in role, function or jobs. Awareness is everyone’s responsibility.

We are, however, lucky to be able to do this in our offices in Valencia, Spain, as well. After quite an uneventful flight, metro ride and a short walk, we arrived at our office in Valencia. This is, for sure, not a punishment. On the contrary, it is an excellent opportunity to catch up with our colleagues and friends working in Spain. Although the sessions have a somewhat formal character, we try to keep the sessions as lightweight as possible. In several short stints, we update the teams of the several Competence Centers with the last information security-related matters.

We were welcomed warmly and felt right back at home. So, after some much-needed coffee, we set to work. In the afternoon, the teams gathered for the Information Security session. In the two hours booked for this team, we covered the why’s and how’s of the GDPR compliance, the Information Security flows of the Xplore Group, and the dos and don’ts. It was an entertaining session, and most of all, it was a very interactive session—lots of questions, sidesteps, and general curiosity. We noticed with the first session that GDPR, security and privacy are topics that keep everyone occupied. And we love to see that.


The next day, we were welcomed by the team in the office again. The regular daily routine took place, but the office was busier with people. Two-Point-O, PHPro, Forward, Elision people. It was bustling. After a meeting-filled morning, Victoria set the meeting room up again for the following Information Security session. The meeting room was ready, people were prepared, and we were set to go again for the afternoon training: different audience, different questions, all kinds of new angles, different questions. I have to say; I always feel great when there is a lot of interaction.


All-in-all, the days flew by, to be fair. During the evenings, Valencia is quite a busy town. The heatwave drove people towards the little bars, venues, cafes or restaurants. Every time we visit Valencia, we aim to visit as many local shops and restaurants as possible. Alfredo took us to some charming places, and we tried many different local specialities. On the last day of the week, we got a surprise, the office ordered Paella, and, oh boy, that was really tasty.


The surprises were not over, though. We picked up some e-steps from a local bike store and Alfredo took the lead in a guided tour. We covered almost 20 kilometres, amazing sights and places, and to top it off, a local “Horchata”, a sweet rice-based drink.

We like to thank the Xplore Group Spain team for their friendliness and hospitality. As always, we felt at home, taken care of and looked after.


See you next time!