Internship Experience at nFuse: Halfway to Professional Growth

Apr 8, 2024 | blog

Innovative Problem-Solving and Project Highlights

Max and Rasmus, halfway through their internships, represent nFuse’s clever attitude. Max discusses his proactive approach: “I’ve already gone through many iterations on a solution… This has aided me in exploring several alternatives and choosing the most acceptable for this job.” His work with Kubernetes clusters illustrates the solution-oriented approach that nFuse promotes.

Parallel to this, Rasmus has focused on understanding AWS Step Functions and automating workflows to create “a stable system with as little code as possible, which produces reliable outcomes.” His commitment is consistent with our emphasis on efficiency and constant development, which are critical components of our service culture.


Broadening Skills Beyond Technology

Both interns’ skill sets have grown significantly through their time at nFuse. Rasmus emphasises his improved problem-solving talents and expanded knowledge of the AWS environment, whilst Max emphasises his newfound insights into incident response and Linux. Their development extends beyond technical capabilities. Rasmus adds, “Public speaking skills have also improved since the start of the weekly team presentations,” demonstrating the diverse growth prospects at nFuse.

Tackling Challenges Head-On

Our internship programme is known for its challenging tasks. Max was tasked with choosing a suitable cloud provider, increasing his knowledge beyond AWS. Meanwhile, Rasmus coped with CI/CD difficulties by developing innovative AWS Step Functions solutions. These challenges demonstrate our commitment to providing a learning environment that promotes growth and innovation.

A Supportive and Rewarding Work Environment

According to Max, the work culture at nFuse achieves a balance between hard work and team spirit. “It definitely feels like a ‘hard work pays off’ kind of environment… It sometimes feels like having 14 friends rather than 14 coworkers.” This blend of professionalism and camaraderie reflects our ideals of collaboration and exceptional customer service.

It feels like a ‘hard work pays off’ kind of environment… It sometimes feels more like having 14 friends than 14 co-workers.
– Max

Mentorship and Looking Towards the Future

Mentorship is key to our internship experience. Max emphasised the need of regular presentations and meetings in providing continuous support and direction. “We deliver a weekly presentation every Friday… “I also have a weekly meeting with my mentors every Tuesday,” he says, echoing nFuse’s structured yet nurturing approach.

Rasmus views his future career as a Solutions Architect, applying the skills he learned at nFuse. Max anticipates a career in incident response or security, where he can use his knowledge to both professional and personal endeavours.

To summarise, Max and Rasmus’ internship experiences at nFuse are more than just a stepping stone in their careers; they are a reflection of our commitment to cultivating talent, promoting innovation, and preserving a work atmosphere that is as much about hard work as it is about mutual support and enjoyment.