Whether we share our knowledge with our customers, sister companies or our team, knowledge sharing opportunities are always of the utmost importance. They are essential for our nFuse-team but also our interns. We like to share our knowledge, and we think it is absolutely vital. Therefore, we train our people on all kinds of topics. When attending seminars, webinars, or talks, we consistently organise an internal knowledge sharing session afterwards.

Information security is always a hot topic, and there are so many different angles we can look at things. We have monthly internal security sessions since we are almost entirely ISO27001 compliant. Our technical consultants pick turns and subjects to explain to the rest of the group.

The monthly internal session takes about 30-45 minutes, and it should be entertaining, fun and educational. Our team prepares this themselves. By doing so, they deep dive into the matter and can explain the technical ins and outs. We like to stay on top of things for obvious reasons.

When this session is completed, it is time for our monthly relax-moment. We make sure there are snacks, some fresh soda or different beverages available. We ensure that every team member can spotlight their most significant continuous improvement, best moment, or something they are proud of. In short, we always look to improve and evolve ourselves.


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