Meet Max: Internship Life at nFuse

Mar 5, 2024 | blog

Electronic Max

We are delighted to present Max, another driven intern at nFuse. He started his internship with Rasmus, who already had his five minutes of nFuse-fame last week in our blog. Anyone pursuing a career in this fascinating industry can learn a lot from Max’s journey, which began with his background in electronics and ICT and continues with his practical experiences at nFuse.

PXL Job Fair as Entry Ticket

Max has a strong background: a bachelor’s degree in electronics-ICT and a high school diploma in electrics. Rutger Saelmans, one of our managing partners, was the person he first met at the PXL job fair; that is how he got started at nFuse. Max was particularly intrigued by our flat organisational structure, which is a significant factor in our strategy to relieve consumer burdens and encourage proactive behaviour.

Max was impressed by nFuse’s welcoming workplace and easily accessible flat structure as soon as he joined. With this approach, interns like Max may engage with various team members face-to-face, benefiting from their knowledge and making valuable contributions to our projects.

Working at nFuse is teaching me the importance of responsibility and independence, skills I believe are essential for my future infrastructure and incident response career
– Max, intern at nFuse 

First Impressions and Transparency

Every day at nFuse, Max works hands-on on a variety of assignments. He values the ‘real-world’ problems since they are unlike usual assignments. This method supports our core principle of continuous improvement by encouraging him to investigate several solutions while improving his problem-solving abilities.

Max identifies autonomy and accountability as the primary skills he is learning at nFuse. These abilities are essential in the IT sector, particularly for infrastructure and incident response positions—two of Max’s favourite topics.

For Max, our core value, Transparency, is what is most appealing. He appreciates nFuse’s open, honest communication style and recognises its significance from the viewpoint of its clients. This is consistent with our partnership approach and dedication to honest and transparent SLAs.

Future and Goals

Max envisions himself working in incident response and infrastructure in the future. His time at nFuse gives him the tools and abilities he needs to succeed in his future profession, wherever that may take him.

Max’s internship at nFuse is more than just a learning opportunity; it’s a personal and professional development journey. His narrative demonstrates our dedication to developing talent and respecting our fundamental values. We are proud to have Max on our team and keen to see where his career takes him.

Stay tuned for more exciting stories and insights from the nFuse crew!

nFuzer and Max