nFuse present at Belgium Cybersecurity Awards!

Dec 7, 2023 | blog

Cyber Security Coalition

The Cronos Security group, of which nFuse is an important ally, invited Managing Partner Rutger to Belgium’s Cybersecurity Awards. Yesterday evening, the venue was the beautiful Afrikapaleis in Tervuren. Rutger put on his best suit for this event, mainly because the subject is kind of his pet peeve.

Invitation Only

Arriving on a misty evening in the city of Tervuren, near Brussels, the red carpet was unrolled. In the Afrikapaleis, a reception area was prepared to receive Belgium’s crème de la crème of Cybersec. Cronos Security was present with a large group of people. This implies the importance of Cybersecurity for Cronos. nFuse is proud to be a part of this admirable group of companies.

In the reception area, we met a lot of experts in the field while drinking a glass of sparkling wine and eating some appetizers.

Next, we went to sit at our table, and the show began. The hostess for the night was former Miss Belgium Virginie Claes. In between the courses, speeches were given, and trophies were awarded. For example, Inti De Ceukelaire of Intigriti, a company that emerged from the Cronos investment platform The CoFoundry, was awarded the Young Cybersecurity Professional of the Year.

The evening continued in good spirits. To close off, Deputy Prime Minister Paul Van Tighelt held a speech about the importance of Cybersecurity. After this last speech, we had dessert in the reception area again.


“Thanks again to Cronos Security for the invitation!”

Being present with such a large group of Cybersec professionals from Cronos means that Cronos is on its way to becoming of greater importance in this field in Belgium and abroad. Together with nFuse, the group will tirelessly support our customers towards a safer virtual world!

The Award event was also an excellent opportunity for nFuse to network with highly qualified professionals in a field in which nFuse is also trying to excel. For example, in the picture below, you can see Rutger with the Chief Business Development Director of Cronos Netherlands.