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About us.

We are a fusion of several specific services within the Xplore Group. While the Xplore Group builds applications and suitable e-commerce environments, we supply the Xplore Group with technical support, architectural insights and case-specific solutions for complex workflows.

Furthermore we deliver 24/7 support on the e-commerce environments and applications built by Xplore Group. This includes runtime operations, security and technical support. 

We understand the details of managing the operational excellence of cloud as well as the more classic, on-premise solutions and have established premium partnerships with most major vendors.

Managed Services

 Proactivity is key here. Why respond to an issue when instead, it could have been prevented in the first place? Our team analyses heaps of data on a day-to-day basis and reports anomalies to prevent issues from arising.


We guide our customers through their development process from start to finish in order to guarantee high-end quality products that are highly sustainable.

There is, however, always room for improvement.

Security as a Service

In today’s day and age, where most applications and business solutions are accessible worldwide, it is highly advised to secure your environment. Our “Security as a Service” offers insights into your platform due to our advanced tooling and our understandable way of reporting.

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nFuse office environment

nFuse office environment

Not so long ago, we posted a (sneak)preview on our Facebookpage of the construction at the offices. The Xplore Group has invested quite a lot in the well being of her personnel, and both floors are an amazing work environment. As an open space office we find enough...

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The start of a new journey

The start of a new journey

Our newest team member shares some insight on his first experiences working at nFuse. Just after finishing college, I was immediately looking forward to getting my first "real" job. Soon after graduating I came in contact with nFuse. During my internship over at Gluo...

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The start of a new journey

Welcome Benjamin!

We're very happy to announce that today our team will expand with some new talent. We welcome the newest, latest and youngest member into our team with some goodies!

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