Scale & nFuse

Nov 15, 2022 | blog

Cronos Scale is about alignment and collaboration between Cronos’ AWS (Amazon Web Services) business initiatives, respecting the drive of the competence centres and supporting them whenever they need it.

A highly visible partnership is created between De Cronos Groep and AWS by shaping a group-wide collaboration mechanism. The goals are launching new business initiatives, scaling the existing businesses & connecting with AWS (Commercial, Competence and knowledge management, and Joint marketing).

Cronos stands out because entrepreneurship is greatly encouraged, promoted, and nourished. In addition, Cronos is widely known for being an early adopter of new technologies and offering expertise in various domains. With over 250 (and still growing) active technical certifications, it is safe to say that Cronos is one of Europe’s biggest AWS competence centres.

nFuse AWS offering

Scale allows nFuse to expand its service portfolio and customer base. By doing so, we can train and certify the nFuse consultants with AWS and the Cronos-Scale AWS Academy (The Campus). nFuse will do this ‘the nFuse-way’: we will shape the AWS services to support the applications and environments for our existing and new customers.

nFuse can dive into the knowledge pool Scale provides to Cronos competence centres, thus strengthening our offering to customers.

The one-stop-shop principle

Although it may seem like the classic vendor lock-in trap, a one-stop shop has tremendous benefits, specifically if you use our Application Managed Services combined with the AWS services. Our teams’ agility to assist on both applicative and infrastructural levels is unprecedented. Our teams work back-to-back, and even better, we work hand-in-hand with the development teams, developing your application. Blend this with our DevSecOps, and we make sure you can concentrate on doing your business.

Amazon Web Services plays a significant part in our day-to-day business, and working together in such a group is a true privilege. We are thrilled to be part of this. Want to Scale your business? Contact us for more information.