Smells Like… Team Spirit

Oct 9, 2023 | blog

From Stress and Tension…

Working at nFuse is fun but can sometimes be stressful and taxing. Frustration can build up, and to return to our baseline, it was high time for our team to take a day and do a little R&R.

…to Connecting and Fun!

We set out for activities supporting strengthening our bonds and improving communication and coordination, combined with many laughs.

Our day started at 09:30 with a 4-hour Airsoft session. At Unit13 Adventures in Nuth, we were completely immersed in a city under siege. Provided with a replica weapon, spare magazines and a camo outfit, we set off in two teams towards each spawn point on the field. For the first half, we divided into two groups chosen by ballot. We all hurried to find and complete our mission objectives at the whistle signal. After the break, we again split into teams, but this time by age (30+ vs 30-). Especially in the after-break games, the pressure to seek victory went up as many of the young folk sought to outdo their more seasoned colleagues. Many laughs and slapstick situations occurred as each team tried to claim the victory.


“It was a fantastic day that brought our team closer together”

Arrr, Matey!!!

In the afternoon, we chose a less physically intensive activity by seeking our inner Viking as we went axe-throwing. With a quick briefing and some safety instructions, we faced off against one another, throwing at a target. Some true warriors were found in the unlikeliest places.

The day finished with a good meal at a local all-you-can-eat establishment. We all sat down, had a nice drink, and ate our fill. All the while, we were reminiscing and relishing the memories that were made that day and the many laughs.

Team Spirit

All in all, we had a fantastic day that brought our team closer together. It relinquished built-up frustration and stress. It provided relaxation and strengthened the friendships and bonds of our team. And in the end, this is what we all raised our glass to!