Surveillance audit ISO27K completed

Oct 3, 2023 | blog

ISO27K renewal done

September brings a whirlwind of activity for the nFuse team. Our commitment to information security is unwavering, extending beyond our partners and customers to the core of nFuse. ISO27001 isn’t a checkbox hastily marked — it demands tenacity and meticulous attention to detail. Time for a renewal, so the surveillance audit was planned.

A year has flown by

Reflecting on last year feels like rewinding the clock to yesterday. The inaugural ISO audit carried a weight of expectation, leaving the entire team a tad on edge. Thanks to the invaluable support of Infosentry and Brand Compliance, the audit went excellently and exceptionally well. Given the nature of our work, time seemed to sprint, and the internal audit loomed before we knew it. This time, however, our team faced it with readiness, preparation, and a seasoned understanding of what to anticipate.


Our ISMS is an ever-evolving masterpiece, a truth we embrace. Daily, alongside our team and CISO, we engage in the ongoing refinement of the ISMS. The internal audit, a meticulous process, provided valuable insights. It became a tool for fine-tuning, improving, and straightening things out. With the thoroughness of the internal audit, our CISO, Koen, felt confidently prepared for whatever laid ahead.

“Kudos, Koen! Your role as CISO brings immense pride to our team, and your worthiness shines through.”

Arif & Rutger



Navigating through an audit is akin to facing an exam, isn’t it? Preparation is the linchpin, and we were confident in our ability to present the evidence and field the auditor’s questions. Audits are no sprints; it’s a day-long marathon. We dedicated the entire day to engage with the auditor, ensuring we stayed on the right course and weathered a few challenges.

As the day drew to a close, formalizing the closing notes brought a tinge of anxiety. Did our preparation suffice to prove our worthiness for renewal? The answer was a resounding yes. While there are minor tweaks ahead, our diligence and dedication paid off, securing the renewal of our ISO27001 certificate.

We eagerly anticipate the next audit, buoyed by the diligent efforts of our committed Infosentry internal audit team and guided by Brand Compliance.

Achievement unlocked: We’re beaming with pride for successfully re-certifying! The ISO27K surveillance audit is done and dusted.