The AWS SOA-C02 certification journey of Levi

Jan 22, 2024 | blog

First Time... Woops.

Starting my journey towards the AWS SOA-C02 certification as a junior professional was an enlightening experience. Initially, I secured a score of 70% on my first try, just shy of the 72% passing mark. This indicated the inevitable challenges one faces in the certification process. nFuse required me to pass the exam, of course… To stimulate myself to study extra hard, I told the team I would take the night shift for one whole month if I didn’t pass. 

Deep Dive

My dive into AWS concepts revealed a rather intricate world. Here, ‘A Cloud Guru’ emerged as an invaluable resource, simplifying complex ideas in a way that resonated with me, and providing practical insights that greatly enhanced my understanding.

The gap between my practical AWS work experience and the theoretical knowledge required for the exam was significant. To bridge this, I enriched my study plan with hands-on activities, including labs and projects, and sought guidance from experienced mentors. ‘A Cloud Guru’ was a cornerstone for dependable advice and effective strategies.


A Cloud Guru’ was a cornerstone for dependable advice and effective strategies.  –  Levi

Gathering Practical Knowledge

Understanding the importance of practical experience, I intensified my preparation with daily practice exams as the exam date approached. Blending theoretical knowledge with real-world scenarios was crucial in improving my grasp of the subject.

Joining the ‘A Cloud Guru’ community marked a turning point. Participating in community chats, forums, and discussions provided a platform to share ideas and eased exam preparation’s solitary nature.

Although my first attempt didn’t meet my expectations, it was a valuable learning curve. The insights from ‘A Cloud Guru’ laid a strong foundation for my second attempt. With a more profound understanding and the support of a collaborative community, I felt well-equipped to tackle the AWS SOA-C02 certification challenges.

Second Attempt... Whew!

I am delighted to share that on my second attempt, I scored 76% in the AWS SOA-C02 certification. The collective wisdom and guidance from ‘A Cloud Guru’ played a significant role in this achievement. This certification marks a key milestone in my professional development, equipping me with a thorough understanding of AWS services and their application. I am excited to leverage this knowledge as a junior technical consultant.