The closing of a year

Dec 27, 2019 | blog

What a year it has been. As many of us do, reflecting is a huge part of our job. After every line of code, project or finished product, reflecting upon it, is a good thing. Where the end of 2018 marked the beginning of nFuse, the whole of 2019 was about streamlining our business. As many know, we are a very lean set-up, people-wise. But, project-wise we took on quite a lot.

The new and old

We have engaged quite a few new projects. And by engaging we mean this in the literal sense of the word. We engage our ‘customers’ as partner, not just as a customer. Our biggest success lies in the fact we are building a trustworthy, open and transparent relationship, together with our customers. We feel, in this day and age, this is an often overlooked fact, and we find this extremely important. With so many things in life, trust is something to be earned I guess. That’s why our team goes above and beyond. We do not let go! This goes, without saying for our existing customers, and our new customers.


“Sometimes, you have to look back in order to understand the things that lie ahead.”

Yvonne Woon

Success is something that we make and create together. We, as the small crew we are, are as succesful as the individual in our team. We are there, for each other, for our customers, and for the Xplore Group. This pays off in trust, stability and reliability. Without this we cannot function.

We are constantly improving ourselves as well, this is visible in the certifications and dedication our team shows.

Looking onwards

2020 is going to be a fantastic year as well. We have so many new things coming towards us. We have formed stable relationships within the group, within Cronos and with our customers.

We have found the time also to start working together with the PXL in Hasselt. We are engaging this fantastic environment to form a strong relationship as well. Next February we will welcome two students who will start their internship at nFuse.

Also, we will continue to give lectures at the PXL, and maybe abroad again as well. We are invited back to Spain to give lectures also.

See you on the other side / site

Almost forgot as well, you are reading this on our brand new designed website. The site has been designed by Fectiv, one of our Xplore Group competence centers. Some tweaking needs to be done, but the website has gotten an overhaul, leaner, and suits our vision better!

Last but not least, we wish you a fantastic end-of-the-year-party, and a great start of 2020.

the nFuse Team