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Jan 9, 2024 | blog

Lustrum for nFuse

Once upon a time, there were two guys with a dream. All fairytales start like this. This story, however, is a true story—one about the history of nFuse. Day-to-day five years ago, our company, nFuse, was born – and what a ride it has been since! Want to know how we got here? Keep on reading!

The (Fiery?) Chasms from Whence It Came…

It started back in the day, at the beginning of 2015, when a couple of  ‘smart’ people saw a change in customer demands. Managed services were very reactive. The tools, the way of reporting, the way customers had to contact ‘the service desk’, all demands had to come from the customers themselves.

Those two smarties (or smart-asses?) found this had to change. Drastically. The rise of e-commerce and omnichannel was unstoppable, hence the need for a different way of managed services.

Our first and oldest customer (with whom we still have an active contract), Hubo, with their dedicated development and project management team, helped us shape our services. This work formed the baseline of our services now.

Steady Growth

As we worked and finetuned our e-commerce managed services, more customers followed. Our main goal was to get to the root of a potential issue as fast as possible with innovative tooling, intelligent thresholds and a thorough understanding of our customers’ business. What surprised us was the vast number of customers who wanted our managed services for their custom-built applications: Signify (Philips), Randstad, Government services, etc.

 Because our customer base grew, we also had to expand our squad. They are our most valued assets, our team of highly skilled and driven employees. Growing created the opportunity to start building nFuse. In the last quarter of 2018, current Managing Partner Rutger was challenged to build the new company and get everything sorted as soon as possible… He willingly accepted the challenge.

Est. 2019, Hasselt (Belgium)

Consequently, on January 9 2019, nFuse saw the light. Next to getting everything up and running and contracts revised, finding a fitting company name is quite a complex process. The italicized n, of course, has a meaning: in uppercase, the italicized N indicates the total membership of a sample; in lowercase, the italicized n indicates the membership of a sample subgroup such as a treatment group or control group.

Fuse says it all, to be fair. Our company requires the fusion of several abilities and skills from other competence centres or customers.

So, nFuse was born as an independent company. 

Steady Evolvement

Throughout the years, we evolve(d). Why not add the hosting component as well? This enables our teams and our customers even further. It puts us in the driver’s seat of the complete managed services for a customer. Less hassle for them! We look at our customer demands and applications landscape to offer the best fit for their needs. AWS, Azure, GCP…or even in a sovereign environment… If we can get that 360-degree view, that is managing services to the core!

2022 marked a significant year in our existence. nFuse got ISO 27001-certified at a record pace in barely seven months with no major remarks. We are preparing this year to step up to the 27001:2022 version, as being nFuse also means staying ahead or at least on top of things.

2023 was a very successful year, bringing five new employees on board (totalling nFuse at 14 FT). Where other companies might have struggled the past year, nFuse proved its skill and trustworthiness by signing a whopping number of 18 new customers.

What Will the Future Bring

January 9 2024, marks the fifth anniversary of nFuse (party ahead!). Though 2024 is deemed to be an economically more challenging year, nFuse has built a broad customer base and desperately needs extra helping hands (check our vacancies!) to support our steady growth. We now have about 40 actively running customer contracts. By extending our portfolio of services (for example, last year, we added Cloudflare managed services) and broadening our knowledge, we hope to convince even more customers to entrust us with their runtime operations.

We must thank our customers for their confidence and our staff for their daily dedication and hard work. Without all of you, nFuse would, of course, not be the company it is today.


Rock on,


Rutger & Arif

nFuse team