Warmest week Retro SNES by nFuse

Dec 6, 2018 | blog

Good Causes

What has a retro SNES to do with a good cause? Every year ‘Music For Life‘ organizes the Warmest Week. Music for Life now boasts hundreds of good causes, 1,293 to be precise. Music for Life is covering a whole range of categories from sick children, the battle against lethal or other diseases, music, education, animal care, the environment, human rights etc.

Members of the public will make their own choice from a long list of good causes and decide themselves how they raise money. Within the Xplore Group all kinds of initiatives are started. Such as a Christmas sale, Bingo or just selling lottery / tombola-tickets.

Retro SNES

Many people organise their own event, for example, baking waffels, making soup and sell these. But, a simple bank transfer is an option also. As a part of the Xplore Group (that organises a couple of initiatives), nFuse supports one of these initiatives as well. The initiative that we support, together with the Xplore Group is the “Kinder Kanker Fonds” (Child Cancer Funds).

We have 3D-printed a special retro Super Nintendo case (SNES). But we do not stop there, within this case a Raspberry Pi has been installed and configured to act as a Retro SNES. This is one of the prices that people can win when they buy the lottery / tombola tickets. But, just having a SNES won’t suffice, two USB game controllers are added as well. We make sure, that you can win a playable console.

For nFuse this is a fun way to contribute to one of the good causes, make a person happy and help a good cause!