We’re welcoming Lene @nFuse!

We’re delighted to welcome Lene @nFuse. She joins our Application Managed Services team as a Technical Consultant. We’re confident that Lene will make an excellent addition to our team.

Getting to know Lene

I’m Lene Ackermans, I’m 25 years old. I just graduated this year; I obtained my computer sciences degree. Before starting this educational degree, I had no knowledge of computer science at all… I was actually studying nursing before! However it turned out that nursing wasn’t my thing, so I decided to head in a completely new direction. After graduation, I am now joining nFuse. So, this is my first job. I hope I can improve both my knowledge and soft skills at nFuse. In my spare time, I love gaming and reading. I am a fan of The Witcher series. My Saturday nights are also usually reserved for gaming with friends.

“We are absolutely convinced Lene will be a terrific addition to our team.
We are very pleased to have Lene onboard in the Ops-Squad”

Lene joins nFuse’s on-the-job training programme, which was set up so that in a few months, she will be skilled the nFuse way to be joining the 24/7 team as a trained technical consultant. Our focus lies with the internal learning programme to make sure Lene can, and will hit the ground running.

Our team is excited to start working with you, Lene! You can start hunting down our customers’ monsters 😉

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