Welcoming Dorien

Feb 5, 2024 | blog

A Unique Blend of IT Expertise and Adventurous Spirit

We’re thrilled to announce a dynamic addition to our nFuse family – Dorien Libens, joining us as a Project Manager. With a unique blend of professional insight and personal interests, Dorien is set to infuse new energy into our team!

Dorien's Versatile Background

At 36, Dorien boasts a fascinating career trajectory. She has a bachelor’s degree in Business Translation and Marketing and pivoted into the IT world after SharePoint management training. This switch showcases her adaptability – a trait we greatly value at nFuse.

Before joining us, Dorien sharpened her skills as a Material Master Data Steward at Bose and later as a PIM/MDM functional analyst and scrum master at YellowGround. Her experience in managing complex data and leading teams aligns seamlessly with our commitment to unburdening our customers through expertise and proactivity.


Dorien is a conqueror of cycling trails and a Krav Maga enthusiast, a perfect fit for an nFuse Project Manager
– Rutger, MP nFuse

The Personal Side

When she’s not streamlining project management, Dorien is an avid cyclist – embracing both the physical challenge and the joy of exploration. Watch out, though! She’s trained in Krav Maga, so she’s as formidable in self-defence as she is in managing projects. A lover of psychological thrillers, Dorien enjoys the thrill of a good book just as much as her travels. She’s always on an adventure, whether on the road or at home.

Welcome to The Team

As Dorien joins our crew, we’re excited to learn about her fresh perspectives and robust expertise. Her unique blend of skills and interests embodies the spirit of nFuse – where professionalism meets team spirit.

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