Welcoming Hans @nFuse

Jun 28, 2023 | blog

We’re very pleased to be welcoming Hans @nFuse, who is joining our Application Managed Services team as a technical consultant. We’re certain Hans will make an excellent addition to the team.

Getting to know Hans

When asked which aspect of the job he’s most excited about, Hans tells us he’s looking forward to being a virtual firefighter for nFuse’s clients. He’s eager to start monitoring applications and advising clients on improvements that will help ensure smooth functioning, allowing the clients to focus on their core business.

As a keen learner, Hans is also excited to explore the learning opportunities at nFuse.


“I’m looking forward to being a virtual firefighter for nFuse’s clients.”

We’re happy to hear from Hans that his first work day went smoothly. He was up and running within the hour, ready to start a new chapter in his professional career. We’re also glad to hear he’s getting along well with the rest of the team. They got off to a flying start after Hans told them he’s a big Lord of the Rings fan. He rereads the books every year.

When he’s not working, Hans also enjoys climbing. Preferably outdoors.

A very big welcome to you, Hans. Thank you for joining our fellowship and embarking on this journey with us.