Joan’s story at nFuse

Dec 26, 2022 | blog

Hello! My name’s Joan Mauriz, and I’m currently doing an internship at nFuse focused on DevOps.

First and foremost, I would like to speak about nFuse. The company, part of the Cronos Group, acts as a technical pillar within the Xplore Group. Their mission is to provide architectural comprehension directed towards building enhanced, automated workflows for the (e-commerce) applications which Xplore Group develops.

The atmosphere is welcoming and stimulating regarding my workmates and the work culture inside the organization. We’re more than one thousand kilometres away from each other, but even then, they made me feel as if I was already part of the team during every meeting. They showed immense knowledge in conjunction with a constant pursuit of excellence to improve daily.

The approach to the solutions they provide is made in-depth, considering the client’s requirements first and by what methods they can be better accomplished second. Securing environments after crafting them carefully while keeping them up to date are essential foundations for the team. I’ll also add that they always want to stay ahead of their work and quickly implement any upgrades whenever possible.

Regarding my internship process, this first month, I’ve been learning about Amazon Web Services and the role of DevOps currently. Since my knowledge about both topics was limited, I’ve been doing intensive research. It has allowed me to gain insights into this expansive technology and its many possibilities. I still have much to learn, but my curiosity and motivation have increased greatly over this past month!

As of now, I’m creating the structure that will hold the project. I’ve been weighing options and possibilities, such as: how can I create environments that can communicate with each other but remain private? What are the right components to use? What’s the most efficient solution to the problem?

The answers to some of those questions are starting to flourish. For instance, my structure will consist of several IAM user groups with VPCs separated per each environment that communicate through VPC peering. Components and IAM permissions are being distributed accordingly. I’ll also pursue implementing the serverless side of my project.

Besides AWS, I’m also learning about other DevOps technologies, such as IaC and containerization. It has been surprising to test how easy it is to manage and set up environments through these tools while introducing me to the complexities they present to be applied properly.

I realise that DevOps engineers and cloud architects deal with plenty of challenges along the road. I see that there are no out-of-the-box solutions in this area and that adapting to the processes and methodologies DevOps requires is critical to reaching a satisfying objective.

nFuse motivates me to understand and sort those challenges, expand my point of view and develop creative solutions that match clients’ needs successfully.

In conclusion, continuous evolvement is more than a motto for me now – they’re words to live by!

Joan with the nFuse swag