nFuse’s Security Operations Centre as a Service (SOCaaS) provides a comprehensive and integrated approach to cybersecurity, ensuring your business is well-protected against a wide range of digital threats. By merging numerous security solutions that may be combined or implemented individually, nFuse delivers a complete cybersecurity framework designed to defend enterprises from the most recent digital threats. Our service meets the highest standards for online application security, including OWASP-10, and uses Cloudflare’s sophisticated network protection technologies and cutting-edge API security protocols. This multi-layered defence system protects your infrastructure from the most critical vulnerabilities and proactively detects scams and phishing sites, preventing possible attacks from affecting your operations.


Our SOCaaS is designed to keep your data and apps secure across all platforms, with continuous monitoring and rapid reaction capabilities. This proactive and integrated approach promotes system integrity and operational resilience, allowing your firm to thrive in an ever-changing threat scenario. Every aspect of our SOCaaS, from rigorous OWASP-10 compliance checks and managed Cloudflare enhancements to scam detection initiatives, is methodically designed to give a seamless and effective security experience. For example, our OWASP-10 service conducts rigorous assessments to discover and address vulnerabilities such as injection holes and broken authentication, which are crucial for protecting your web applications. Meanwhile, our Cloudflare solution increases web performance with its CDN. It improves security with its WAF and advanced bot mitigation features, guaranteeing that your company’s digital assets run smoothly and securely. With nFuse’s SOCaaS, you get more than security; you get a strategic partner to ensure your company’s digital health and operational continuity.

OWASP & cloudflarescam / phish & api security

Layered Security

nFuse emphasises a robust and multi-layered cybersecurity strategy to defend customers’ internet-facing environments from various digital threats. Our Security Operations Centre as a Service (SOCaaS) is vital to our security approach since it adheres to high OWASP-10 criteria for web application security, offering a critical first line of defence against common web vulnerabilities. The second tier entails integrating Cloudflare’s advanced security capabilities, which provide improved protection against network-based threats such as DDoS attacks while assuring secure data transit between platforms. 

Our third layer focuses on API security, which includes complex protocols for securing data transactions between software applications. Furthermore, our preventative measures include ongoing monitoring for scams and phishing sites, which prevents these potential dangers from disrupting corporate operations. Together, these integrated defence layers provide comprehensive security for your data and apps, helping your company to prosper in today’s volatile cyber landscape.



nFuse’s OWASP-10 offer is a targeted security service that protects web applications by addressing the top-ten security risks identified by the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP). This service includes thorough assessments and audits of web applications to identify vulnerabilities that align with the OWASP-10, such as injection flaws, broken authentication, and sensitive data exposure. We provide detailed remediation strategies to fix identified vulnerabilities, enhance security, and prevent future breaches. Our approach is proactive, continuously monitoring and updating defences to keep pace with evolving security threats. By focusing on these top vulnerabilities, nFuse ensures that your web applications comply with best security practices and are robust against a wide range of cyber threats.


nFuse’s managed Cloudflare offering provides a comprehensive suite of services designed to enhance web security and performance through Cloudflare’s powerful capabilities. Our service includes a Web Application Firewall (WAF) that protects against various attacks, including SQL injection and cross-site scripting, by filtering and monitoring HTTP traffic to and from a web application. We implement Cloudflare’s advanced bot mitigation features to safeguard against automated threats and ensure that only legitimate traffic reaches your site. As a part of our offering, we utilise Cloudflare’s Content Delivery Network (CDN) to speed up the loading time of your web resources globally, improving user experience and reducing latency. Additionally, we support deploying Zero Trust security models to ensure strict access controls and secure user authentication, further enhancing your network’s security posture.


Scam & Phish Detection

nFuse’s managed scam and phishing services are designed to protect organizations from fraudulent activities online while safeguarding their brand reputation. We proactively monitor the web for scam and phishing sites that impersonate your brand, using advanced detection technologies to identify threats early. Once a threat is detected, our team evaluates the potential impact on your brand and swiftly initiates takedown procedures to mitigate damage and remove fraudulent content. These takedown actions are coordinated with hosting providers, domain registrars, and legal channels to ensure comprehensive removal and prevention of recurrence. Additionally, we provide ongoing reports and insights into the nature of the threats and the effectiveness of the response, helping maintain the integrity and trustworthiness of your brand in the digital space.

API Security

nFuse’s Secure Software Development Life Cycle (SSDLC) service integrates security practices in every phase of software development to ensure that security is a priority, from design through deployment. By embedding security controls and testing in the early stages of development, we reduce vulnerabilities and mitigate risks before software is deployed. This proactive approach includes code reviews, vulnerability assessments, and security training for developers to enhance their understanding of secure coding practices.

In conjunction with our SSDLC services, our API security services protect your APIs from various security threats. We implement robust authentication, encryption, and access control measures to safeguard data and functionalities exposed by your APIs. Through continuous monitoring and regular security assessments, we ensure that your APIs remain secure against evolving security threats, maintaining the integrity and confidentiality of your data.