Glenn got Terraform Associate Certified!

Sep 25, 2023 | blog


Glenn decided to get Terraform certified!
In hosting and DevOps projects, setting up and maintaining infrastructure easily is important. Engineers can manually click resources together and configure systems, but this is not a good practice. Manual setup can cause human errors and may take some time to configure.

A solution for this is Infrastructure as Code (IaC).

IaC is a way to manage and provision infrastructure through coding instead of manual processes. This way, the setup of infrastructure is faster, more consistent, and less error-prone. One of the most used IaC-tools is Terraform.

Terraform Associate badge

Terraform Associate Certification

I have been working with Terraform for a few years and wanted to see that experience acknowledged by getting a certification. I chose the Terraform Associate (003) certificate.

This certification is for engineers who know the concepts and skills associated with Terraform. Not only does this certification show the difference in functionality between Terraform Cloud, Terraform Enterprise, and Terraform Community, but it also validates the knowledge about integration with Hashicorp sentinel and security best practices.

I chose an online learning platform to refresh my knowledge about Terraform and even learn some new tricks. I studied via videos, labs and reading articles about Terraform, its best practices and integrations with other tools.

“I chose an online learning platform to refresh my knowledge about Terraform and even learn some new tricks”

Fully prepared, I scheduled my exam.

The exam itself had a variety of questions. Some I could quickly answer due to previous encounters I had with the problem in question, and others due to the recently gained knowledge. Other questions required more brain power, insight and more profound understanding. All in all, the exam was fun and challenging. I enjoyed studying for, and also taking the exam.

After 45 minutes of answering questions, I ended the exam and immediately got my results…

I can officially state that I am HashiCorp Certified as a Terraform Associate! Another certification added to my conto!

Congratulations, Glenn, on achieving this certificate!